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Hey Business Owners!

Did You Know That There Are
12 Biggest Financial Mistakes
That Over 90% Of Business Owners Make

And Making Just ONE Of These Mistakes Could
Implode Your Cash Flow & Destory Your Business For Good...

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Kendra Moore


Dear Business Owners,

Let me share a story with you: 

I got a call from a potential client named Fred. 

Fred’s books were a complete mess when he called me. 

He was drowning in unreconciled accounts, suffering from bad bookkeeping, was months behind, and hadn’t filed his taxes in several years.

His cash flow lived in the red.  

He wanted to run and hide from the chaos he had created. 

Embarrassed, Fred didn’t know what to do. 


He decided to call me on a whim to see if I could help. 

He told me that all he wanted to do was run his business, make a profit, and provide for his family. 

Who doesn’t want those three things as a business owner, right?

But his lack of time and knowledge stood in the way. He didn’t know why his business continued to run in the red. And the stress of his books being behind ate him from the inside out.  

You probably feel this way at times about your business, too.  

Know that you’re not alone. 

After partnering with me at Furever Bookkeeping, Fred discovered thousands of lost revenue in his business because of prior bad bookkeeping…

...which led to keeping his doors open and scaling his business beyond what he imagined before starting the venture.

Thousands of business owners feel like Fred, but they don’t know what to do about their books.

If you feel like Fred, it’s time to take action like he did.

And this is why I wrote my latest book:


The 12 Biggest Financial Mistakes
That Over 90% Of Businesses Make

And What You Can Do To Avoid Them, Today!

Download Your FREE Copy of My eBook To See If You Are Making One Of These Business-Sinking Mistakes.

YES! Gimme My Free eBook!

Here's what you'll discover inside: 

  • The one bookkeeping, accounting and reports mistake that could be costing you thousands (and 4 huge issues this mistake causes in your business). See page 3. 

  • See page 4 to discover the little-known ways bookkeeping and accounting categorization errors can occur right beneath your nose (these categorization errors can cost your business thousands).

  • At last! Find out what thousands of other successful business owners know about tax penalties and how to avoid them entirely!

  • Revealed: Why joint personal and business bank accounts will NEVER save you money on taxes – and what you need to do instead!

  • You’ll find out 7 surprisingly simple ways you’re putting your business financial and customer data at risk!

  • Here’s how a Master Bookkeeper & Accountant saves you thousands of dollars and decades of time. 

  • The real secret to account reconciliation - almost everyone gets this wrong! This often overlooked idea will certainly bring your books current and save you a ton.

  • WARNING: These 7 common accounts payable mistakes will absolutely implode your business! See page 10 to find out what you should do instead to get keep your doors open!

  • What a Master Bookkeeper & Accountant can teach you about creating a bookkeeping system to save your business a ton!

  • Business consultants have lied to you about “cheap” bookkeepers and accountants! Here’s the one thing they hoped you’d NEVER find out about paying for a Master Bookkeeper & Accountant!

  • You’ll discover 6 deceptively simple ways to manage your cash flow!

YES! Gimme My Free eBook!

You Just Want To Run A Profitable Business

What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Financial Mistakes

Heres The Easy Way To Keep From Sinking your Business!

Download your FREE copy of my eBook to see if you are making one of these business-sinking mistakes.

YES! Gimme My Free eBook!

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