1. Rescuing Lives & Books-Saving One Dog and Client At A Time.

      OWNERS: DO YOUR BOOKS NEED HELP?! October 2014 LET US RESCUE YOUR BOOKS TODAY! BOOKS A MESS?! CONTACT ME TODAY!! 703-608-8352  ARE YOUR BOOKS A MESS?? FureverBookkeeping.com WILL help! We act as the Liaison between your business and your CPA, often saving youThousands!  Call ME Today! 703-608-8…Read More

  2. "Let Us Rescue Your Books!"

    "No Animal Left Behind" By: Kendra Moore, Principal, FureverBookkeeping.com At FureverBookkeeping.com, we are committed to animal abuse awareness and driven towards the happy and safe return of pets to their 'Furever' home.  While our business is devoted to maximizing each of our clients' bottom li…Read More