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Bookkeeping crisis, currently? With my process, I’ll correctly diagnose and fix miscategorized and lost periods of your books while shoring up gaps in your current accounting systems. Result? Finally enjoy accurate reports that mean something: delivered-daily, monthly, or weekly.

Bookkeeping and accounting mistakes can destroy your business, which disrupts your flow of revenue, leads to the IRS issues and tax liens on your business, or worst of all, causes your business to fail. With my reconciliation process, you’ll finally be able to analyze where your business really stands. I make sure you have the right reporting so you can work on your business instead of in your business.

You need a Forensic Bookkeeper. Call Me, Now! I am your Top Rated Local® Certified Bookkeeper in Baltimore.

  • Looking Back Months/Years to analyze and Reconcile Financials.
  • Accurate Reports: Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly-using the latest Artificial Technology (AI) with expert human oversight.
  • All Bank Reconciliations, A/R, A/P, Excel, Budgeting, Proformas, P & L’s, Balance Sheets, Payroll and Quarterly Taxes.
  • Invoicing.
  • Quickbooks Master All versions.
  • Other Accounting Software Expert.
  • Job Costing
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation-going back years.
  • Saving you thousands as a Liaison between you and your CPA or,
  • Using our own in-House CPA preparing and filing your tax returns-saving you a ton.

I’m your Certified Forensic Bookkeeper In Baltimore

My laser focus allows business owners to work on their business, not stuck in it. With 15+ years as a Certified Master Bookkeeper, I forensically fix bank reconciliations; reconstruction and re-creation of months and years worth of errors; manage payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, plugging in the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystems into your current accounting systems maximizing efficiency and providing a roadmap for your future.

I reconcile your financials bringing 15+ years of master accounting and bookkeeping experience to each of my partner clients. As Baltimore’s trusted, Top Rated Local® Bookkeeper, I target months and years worth of bank statements/financials bringing you up-to-date quickly. Comprehensive bank and credit card reconciliation, job costing, payroll, monthly, weekly financial reporting, high volume monthly entries, A/P, A/R, and invoicing, Budgeting/Forecasting and ‘what if’ scenarios. Reconciliations for single and multiple entities. Every industry: construction, car dealerships, IT, real estate, restaurants, retail, attorneys,  contractors, 8(a) government contractors, the financial industry, and franchises.


  • I’ve provided professional bookkeeping services to local businesses, CFOs, Financial Officers, and Comptrollers for 15+ years.
  • I act as their virtual CFO for multiple firms
  • I have 24/7 bookkeeping and accounting services so you never have to worry about getting reports.
  • As a bookkeeping expert with 37 years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, banking, and business ownership, I know how difficult it is to run a business.
  • Acting as the liaison between you and your CPA at a third of the cost!
  • Contract or job-driven to match your needs.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly P&L, cash flow and balance statements.
  • Certified Bookkeeper in all QuickBooks versions and all accounting software packages: A/P, A/R, invoicing, job costing, payroll, quarterly taxes and much more.
  • I eliminate inefficiencies and maximize cash flow for financial success
  • Balance your books–the first time.

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Behind on your books, owners? Top Rated Local® Master Bookkeeper here: the expert-forensically bringing delinquent yearly business financials current immediately. Auditor, Forensic Accountant, Quickbooks master bookkeeping certified. Let me balance your books and your business, today!