An Expert, Virtual CFO for a third-of-the-cost

Need robust reporting and a laser focused financial strategy? Are you having cash flow problems? Using my proprietary SMART AI reporting, I cut a clear path for your business using  true and actual benchmarks-forecasting that’s directly plugged into to your business.

Tap me and my AI Bot technology resulting in the most spot-on reporting that exists in the marketplace today. It’s not just the latest Artificial Intelligence it’s our SMART, augmented intelligence delivering forecasting that you can actually use for your Business. Know exactly where you’re going and exactly how to get there.

Through this reporting, I offer the highest level of financial communication for your business on vital analytical data points using cutting-edge proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystems that plug in directly to your existing accounting software.  Result? I deliver the most robust reporting and forecasting in the industry for 66% less than an on-staff CFO.  I am the CFO consulting expert dedicated to you and only your business-the most successful alternative to the heavy push by tech companies like Intuit and others who instead promote mass call centers & customer service nightmares.  I’m the local, proven expert pushing your business growth through the boutique customer experience model: personally optimizing your financials, increasing your YOY profits, and implementing truly sound financial strategies. And, we have an in-house CPA who strategically plans for maximum shelters while preparing and filing your business taxes.

I am the battle tested CFO, your strategic business advisor, for a third of the the cost. Call me today!

What Keeps You Up at Night? | We Run Solutions For the ‘What if’s

Most Business Owners I work with fall into two categories: those that can’t grow fast enough and those that worry about the worst case scenarios.  With AI and my proprietary forecasting, I’m able to deliver every ‘what if’ scenario for both of the above-planning models that actually mean something to your and your business and things you can act on and plan for both immediately and long term.

What I Do For Your Business

  • Forecasting with a Purpose-technology driven using the latest Artificial Intelligence with Human oversight
  • Customized Reports with KPI’s and Business Intelligence
  • Budgeting geared with only your Business in mind
  • Forensic accounting and expert tax consulting services as needed
  • Tax preparation and filing with my in-house CPA
  • Tax Consultant
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Risk management
  • Trend analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Balancing years’ worth of messy financials

Stop Delaying — Hire the Experienced Virtual CFO Today! Top Rated Local® CFO.

Why pay a fortune for a CFO? Save your business a ton with me instead. 15+ years of experience dealing with clients whose revenue exceeds $32M/year. Call me, right now. Our Machine learning (aka ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) augments well, but the technology still needs a driver who is keenly aware of your Business. I’m that CFO proven expert pushing your Business where it needs to grow-embracing change while plotting that successful course for your Businesses’ next move. Outsourced CFO & virtual CFO Services for enterprise & C-III business owners under my master advisory and consulting services. 

Contact me right now, call today!