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Bad Bookkeeping will destroy a Business. How can your Business thrive if your Books are a mess? It can’t. I am your Top Rated Local® bookkeeper here to Reconcile and even Re-create your financials when necessary. I have more than 15 years of experience as a Master Bookkeeper, and I work with Business Owners in Northern Virginia in All Industries–saving them a ton and their Financials–all at the same time. Acting as the Liaison between you and your CPA for a third-of-the-cost, I target Months and Years worth of Bank Statements/Financials bringing you up-to-date quickly. I Balance Your Books the very first time. Let me rescue your financials. Call Me Now!


  • I clean up financial messes-reconstruction and re-creating where necessary
  • While the competition provides ‘light’ bookkeeping, I do the heavy lifting forensically reconciling back months & years
  • One point of contact. Always.
  • Real time reporting-the most robust reporting in the industry. Enjoining Artificial Intelligence (AI) with global human oversight of your business
  • I’ve provided Professional Bookkeeping services to local Business Owners, CFOs, Financial Officers, and Comptrollers for 15+ years
  • I have 24/7 Bookkeeping and Accounting services so you never have to worry about getting reports
  • As a Bookkeeping expert with a team whose combined experience exceeds 37 years+ covering: Bookkeeping, Accounting, Banking, and Business Ownership, I know how difficult it is to run a Business
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly P&L, cash flow and balance statements delivered when you want them
  • Certified Bookkeeper in all QuickBooks versions
  • A/P, A/R, Invoicing, Job Costing, Payroll, Quarterly Taxes
  • I eliminate inefficiencies and maximize Cash Flow focused only on your Business’s Financial success. Ask me about my ‘what if’ scenario reporting
  • I specialize in the most “challenged scenarios” when reconciling Financials-bringing years up-to-date

Stop throwing money away dealing with disorganized bookkeepers, office managers, inexperienced accountants, or giant overseas call centers that have no idea how your business should operate.  I am your Certified Professional Bookkeeper working with Business Owners whose revenue ranges from just a few hundred thousand up to in excess of $32M+ a year. Let me bring your financials current with targeted real time reporting, utilizing all the available tools in your accounting software program, Quickbooks, Xero, or whatever your business uses. I know it all.  Reporting? Biweekly, daily, monthly—you decide. Read a P&L that actually means something. Finally enjoy spot on financials and up-to-date reports with a Reconciliation Process that actually works.

Your Bookkeeping Services In Northern Virginia-Stop Doing Your Own Bookkeeping

As Northern Virginia’s Top Rated Local® Certified Bookkeeper–my mission: reconcile your books quickly and efficiently all while maintaining you monthly financials and eradicating costly accounting mistakes. And in business accounting, accurate reporting and maximum time efficiency is everything.

Core Capabilities:

  • 15+ years of Master Bookkeeping experience
  • Using a Forensic Approach and your in-place Accounting Software, I bring months and several years of unreconciled Accounts current-delivering Laser Focused Cash Flow, Balance Sheets, and P&L’s
  • Job Costing
  • Payroll-plugging in the right add-on to your current accounting system. Think, ADP, Gusto-all of the latest technology available
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
  • Full time or part time, in-house or remote
  • Budgeting/Forecasting-showing you where you should go in the future
  • The latest AI plug-ins right into your accounting software

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With my Reconciliation Process, you’ll finally be able to analyze where your Business really stands. Work on your business instead of in your business. I’m your Forensic Bookkeeper serving all businesses in Northern Virginia. Let me Rescue Your Financials Today!