BETHESDA, MARYLAND: August 21st, 2019— Furever Bookkeeping is pleased to announce that they are now offering new expert in-house CPA services to business owners in the D.C. area at a fraction of the cost of hiring a CPA firm.

In-House CPA tax return filing and preparation services expansion just announced by Furever Bookkeeping, providing current clients high level tax and bookkeeping services via an in-house CPA at a third-of-the-cost of traditional CPA firms. Services include: full business tax preparation and business tax return filing.  

“We now have the ability to marry our client’s bookkeeping needs through our bookkeeping services platform as well as combining top-notch complex and/or simple business tax return filings now with our in-house CPA tax return services,” Kendra Moore, Principal of both Furever Bookkeeping ( and Rescue Business Tax Services ( announced today. 

Furever Bookkeeping has been serving local business owners, large firms and franchisees in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia for years by providing only the high-level bookkeeping services.  They employ the most experienced bookkeepers who are heavily credentialed and able to bring years of delinquent financials current-providing business owners with robust reports and balancing even the most challenged financials. The addition of expert in-house CPA services means that the Furever team will be able to be a one-stop shop for all business accounting needs in the DMV at a fraction of the cost of any area CPA firm. 

“We’ll be able to literally save clients a ton,” Moore continued. “Because of our established brand in the DMV already along with our expert bookkeepers, our niche bookkeeping services, and now business tax services, clients get the very best of both worlds under one roof.” 

Additional CPA services include audits and IRS help. Owners can finally get the IRS off of their back while maximizing tax shelters. Further, filing and preparing tax returns at a third of the cost of hiring a CPA firm is paramount to Furever Bookkeeping’s model. Small business owners no longer have to worry about whether or not their tax return is accurate or if the IRS is going to come after them. Furever Bookkeeping takes care of all their accounting needs and gets it right the first time, with a focus on reducing tax liabilities, maximizing tax shelters, and offering representation in the event of an audit. 

Furever’s new expert CPA in-house services are in addition to existing high level bookkeeping services for Washington area Business Owners.

To learn more about Furever Bookkeeping and their new in-house CPA services, visit or call (240) 671-0098. 

About Furever Bookkeeping 

Furever Bookkeeping is the DMV’s Top Rated Local Bookkeeper. Kendra and her experienced team have a combined 37 years of experience in the bookkeeping, bookkeeping services and financial services industries with heavy focus in: forensic accounting, bookkeeping and tax filings and strategies for businesses in the DC area.