“No Animal Left Behind”

By: Kendra Moore, Principal, FureverBookkeeping.com

At FureverBookkeeping.com, we are committed to animal abuse awareness and driven towards the happy and safe return of pets to their ‘Furever’ home.  While our business is devoted to maximizing each of our clients’ bottom line, we spend our free time rescuing unwanted and lost pets and taking our own Therapy Dog, “Lucky” (a rescue himself!) to the Metro Area’s Nursing homes and hospitals, spreading Lucky’s calming ‘dog-sona’ to everyone he meets.  This is our calling and what we find most passionate in life–helping animals while helping others.

We employ that same mission of drive, honesty, and determination with our business…..Let Us Rescue Your Books Today!

Contact us today, we’ll even send you a happy picture of Lucky, if you ask.