January 23-25, 2015 marks our exciting annual Exhibit and Lecture series at the WorldPetExpo.org Educational Experience this year in Timonium, MD.  http://www.worldofpets.org/MDmain.shtml

Come see our Executive Vice President, lecture on: “Starting Your Own Business–from Start to Revenue Generation.”

Our Executive Vice President brings over 24+ years of entrepreneurial and business ownership, sales and marketing experience–focused into an exciting simple-based lecture series on how to form your LLC, budget, forecast revenue, and generate leads based on your business. With a proven model, our Executive Vice President uses technology and cutting edge selling techniques that he’s mastered….and will show you how to grow your business rapidly while minimizing expenses.

Contact Furever Bookkeeping for the dates and times of the presentations! Direct: 703-608-8352.


Furever Bookkeeping, LLC is committed to helping abandoned and abused animals in tandem with our business model of ‘rescuing our clients’ books.’  Visit: www.fureverbookkeeping.com